Ngeriii … Expansion of Terrorism Bill

WARTAHOT – Acts such as joining terrorist groups even abroad, agreements were made by certain groups, plan a conspiracy, or citizens associated although not committed terrorist acts, to receive funds from foreign countries was channeled to terrorism, included in the expansion draft Law (draft) Terrorism, as confirmed Member of the Commission III Arsul Sani.

Revision Act (Act) No. 15 of 2003 on Combating Criminal Acts of Terrorism, is undergoing expansion, continued Arsul, as if no citizen of this republic which joined the terrorist groups even abroad, then it can be charged with the enactment this Act. For example, there are citizens who join an organization that has been defined as a terrorist group like ISIS.

Similarly, the agreements are carried out by certain groups. Although already contained in earlier legislation, in this revision, it is experiencing a deepening more maximal. Another expansion is the plan of the more refined conspiracy. That’s now been there but now more didetilkan again, he said.

Similarly to the citizens who are related, though not committed terrorist acts. Khussnya weighting criminal sanctions against the perpetrators of terrorism both at attempt, abetment or when it (terrorism) is performed. Pemberatannya in the form, for example deprived a passport.

Including criminal sanctions for the corporation. Act now, for example corporations such as foundations receiving funding from foreign countries was channeled to terrorism. Later managers could be convicted and he’s not a terrorist group. The corporation itself can be dissolved, obviously Arsul warned.

However, it is no less important in the discussion of the revision of this law, according to Arsul is the definition of terrorism itself should be affirmed in advance, what is terrorism?!.

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