Culinary charm of Bali, duck Betutu and Sate Lilit

Wartahot- Bali, for most people, is a tropical paradise rich in art and culture. In the eyes of others, Bali is a tourist island that used to be wonderful, but now eroded by too many tourists. But whatever your opinion on Bali today, there is one thing that can not be denied its existence, both by local residents and travelers, namely Balinese culinary charms.
Bali Culinary core synonymous with herbs commonly called the big base that is used in processing a dish. Especially is the predilection of the Balinese in lemongrass and turmeric. As the duck menu Betutu become one of the Balinese culinary icon that reflects it.
The duck that had been cleaned kemudan dibalur with base genep already chopped and mixed with coconut oil. The use of coconut oil in most dishes is also a culinary hallmark of Bali.
Well, the seasoning is also mixed into the cassava leaves are then inserted into the stomach of a duck. After seasoning terbalur with the average, the duck was tied in such a way. Only then boiled for several hours until the spices to infuse into the duck meat. The end of the process is that have been boiled and then baked. The result is a dense betutu duck meat.
Not only duck Betutu who become prey for the culinary connoisseur Balinese Satay Lilit there are no less delicious. Bali familiar with satay skewers called Kasem or Sate Lilit. Aroma Sate Lilit so closely associated with religious rituals and traditions of indigenous peoples. For the Balinese, enjoyment satay is also located at the base of big membalutnya seasoning. (Gbr)

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